Find Out How A Free Professional Business Pricing Analysis Can Increase the Price you Receive for your Business

Assessing what your business will bring on the open market is a crucial component of the process of putting your business up for sale. A pricing analysis consists of thoroughly analyzing your financials and factoring in other key variables to determine the true market price range of your business.

Benefits of a professional pricing analysis include:

1. An analysis will identify the value drivers, strengths and weaknesses of the business. This allows the owner to comprehend and address any potential problems prior to selling the business.

2. An analysis will establish the true market price range of your business, and help establish a reasonable selling price.

  • It is difficult to rely on general rules of thumb and advice from friends when it comes to a business’ price. Such derived values are often too high or too low, prompting unrealistic expectations by the seller and prolonging the selling process.
  • Simply put, a business will sell for what a buyer is willing to pay and for what a seller is willing to accept.
  • It is important to realize that many people looking to buy a business are experienced, and will conduct their own scrupulous examination of the company even if the seller has not. They may use their own assessment against the seller during the negotiation process. A full comprehension of the true market price range of your business will help in the negotiation process.

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