I Can Afford To Buy A Business, But What Should I Buy?

Step 3/5: “I Can Afford To Buy A Business, But What Should I Buy?”

So you want to buy a business in Tucson, and you are confident than you can afford to? If you have not completed Steps One & Two, or are not sure about your answers to those questions, please return to Step 1 & 2 now before proceeding.

Keep in mind, however, that even if you can afford to and genuinely desire to buy a business, that not every business in your price range will be an appropriate match for you. In this section, it is time to match your skills, abilities and past professional experiences with the kinds of businesses that you are most likely to succeed in.

Use the form below to download the questionnaire “Matching Your Skills & Experience With Available Businesses” to complete Step 3 of 5. The short video below will help you think through the kinds of business you are mostly likely to succeed at as an owner. Keep a copy of the questionnaire from each step for future reference.

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