I am ready to list my business for sale. How does the process work?

Step 5/5: “ I am ready to list my business for sale. How does the process work?”

In Steps 3 & 4, we reviewed practical action steps that you can take to best position your business for sale, and explored the many ways a professional business broker can support you in preparing the business for sale and assisting you in finding interested & qualified buyers with complete confidentiality without interrupting your day to day operations.

By now, you should also have scheduled and completed an initial Seller Consultation with one of our experienced brokers, in order to explain the role of a business broker and answer your questions about anything that came up during Steps 1-4.

You should also have completed the questionnaires from Steps 1-3, and have those available for reference. If you have not, please return to those prior steps in the process and complete them before continuing.

Is your business ready to be sold at this time? What did you learn about the role of a business broker? Are you ready to move forward in the process of listing your business for sale?

If so, then if you’re like most business owners, you will benefit from gaining a detailed understanding of the steps in the process from receiving an offer to closing the deal.

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